Clay-related facebook pages


The following is a selection of Facebook pages related to clay. They offer a great way to connect with other ceramic artists around the country and world with similar interests, share experiences, trials and errors, tips and tricks, and results.

If you know of an informative or helpful Facebook page not listed here, let us know.


Clay Buddies

A community of over 28,000 ceramic artists, hobbyists, and professionals that share their thoughts, experiences, tips, questions and issues on a broad range of clay-related topics. It is moderated by Tim See.  No selling or promoting of personal art. 

Ceramic Solutions

Formed specifically for the discussion and solution of technical problems in all aspects of ceramics with over 12,000 followers. Not for posts of finished work. If you want to post images of your work you are welcome to post on companion on group Ceramic Showcase.

ClayConflab for Hand Builders

A place for handbuilders to share their work. Currently has almost 5,680 followers.

Glaze Craze (Commercial Glazes)

3,378 followers  A place for 3,378 followers to share their experiences with using commercial glazes. People post pictures and descriptions of the different glazes in the hopes of not only getting better results but discovering new combinations and glazes to try. No glaze recipes here. 


Created by potter Jessica Putnam Phillips, almost 4,000 followers share their clay related accomplishments, questions, ideas and support with each other. Jessica offers live demonstrations once a week and offer free and paid how-to demonstrations and advice.  Topics include throwing, handbuilding, surface decoration and glazing.


2,200 ceramic artists group share information about various ceramics courses, workshops worldwide, leave comments and feedback on the courses they attended.

Studio Pottery Collectors

Studio Pottery Collectors offer a place for the appreciation of handcrafted pottery and the artists who make it. They ask that their 7,850 followers share pictures of your pots and their stories. The sister page to Studio Pottery Identification.



The Facebook page for Pottery Making Illustrated, which like the magazine, aims to increase potters' and productivity in the studio. Great way to learn new skills with their easy-to-follow and well-illustrated techniques with practical information on tools and supplies. It has 21,000 followers.

AMACO CONE 5/6 Exchange

Followed by 16,000 fans of Amaco mid-range ceramic glazes (cones 5/6). A place to share glaze combinations and glazing tips, discuss issues, and share successes. Commercial supplier

Ceramics Courses, Workshops Worldwide

2,200 ceramic artists group share information about various ceramics courses, workshops worldwide, leave comments and feedback on the courses they attended.

Pottery Low Down

A gathering of 2,000 potters concentrating on low fire ceramics to share their trials and tribulations. Conversations include conventional firing with commercial or recipe glazes; clays, surface decorations; and alternative firing techniques, including Raku , pit, barrel, blowtorch, and barbecue.

Clay Extruding & Rolling

If you have a question about clay extruding projects, clay extruders or dies, making things from clay slabs or slab rollers,  this is the place to post them. They welcome photos of your  extruded clay projects. 1,500 members strong.

Art Fairs

Join over 10,000 review art fairs all over the world. They share experiences and offer information about traveling and working in art fairs.


Studio Pottery Identification

Ever wonder who made a piece of pottery or where it came from? Then Studio Pottery ID is for you. It is the sister page to Studio Pottery Collectors.  This group brings together experts in studio pottery and folks who would like identification of their mystery pots. When posting a request you must include a picture of the full pot, its markings, and where it was purchased.

Over 28,000 people who enjoy making beautiful ceramic artwork and pottery.

Pottery Heads uncensored

An inclusive community of over 800 diverse potters and ceramicists, that celebrates all forms of expression with clay and ask that everyone appreciate each other’s style without judgment ). Positioned as is a safe place to show your work and receive support and ideas from a like-minded crowd. it is a place to  show uncensored work; vaginas, penises, teapots, whatever it may be, and we’ll commit to being thoughtful, mature and respectful about it. No sales posts permitted.

Color/Colour in Clay

Their 3,300 members talk exclusively about colored clay and slip and share pictures of projects.

Pottery Helpdesk

A group to share tips and tricks, and to discuss the trials and tribulations of working with clay....Incorporating all aspects of building and throwing, decorating and glazing, firing techniques and tools..


This is a place for potters and ceramic artists to join together and find common ground in the mud. 

Mayco Mud Room

Discussion group for 2,800 followers to discuss the use and results with Mayco colors and glazes. Commercial supplier.

Coyote Glaze Information Exchange

This site is solely for potters and ceramists who use Coyote glazes in their work.  If you use and love Coyote glazes, this site is for you! Commercial supplier.