Ceramic Supplies

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Here is a selection of online purveyors of a wide range of ceramic products and services from clay to glaze and including tools and equipment.  Several of these suppliers also provide extensive educational offerings that are informative and full of inspirational ideas. Some offer free shipping and quantity discounts. If you know of any suppliers that should be added to the list, please let us know.

Amaco, IndianApolis, IN

AMACO (American Art and Clay Company) is  the largest supplier of a ceramic supplies: clay, glazes and underglazes, tools and equipment such as wheels and kilns.  Their website is chock full of instruction, how-tos, and other resources. Their site is a great resource for teachers and includes lesson plans.  Their Facebook page on mid-fire glazes, Amaco Cone 5/6 Exchange, offers its over 16,000 followers a place to exchange successful glaze combinations and glazing tips. It is also  a great way to share experiences and results with other potters using these glazes. They also have a page for Low-Fire Potters.

Aardvark Clay and Supplies, Inc., Santa, Ana, California

Aardvark offers a complete line of ceramic materials, equipment, and supplies; including clay, glazes, kilns, potter's wheels, tools, slips, underglazes, frits, stains, chemicals, refractories, books, and gift certificates for studio potters, production potteries, schools, contemporary studios, and traditional studios all over the globe. They have a  Ceramic Education Studio  and currently offer classes and workshops in all areas of ceramics, year round.

Axner Pottery & Ceramic Supplies, Oviedo FL

Full service ceramic suppliers: clays, kilns, studio furniture, wheels, glazes and underglazes, slips, raw materials, plaster and mold making, sink traps, spray booths, air brush equipment, and much more.

Big Ceramic Store, sparks, NV

The Big Ceramic Store offers an extensive selection of ceramic products: glazes, clays, tools and supplies, wheels, kilns, and other equipment. Their extensive how-to section is a worth checking out.

Clay-King, Inc., Spartanburg, SC

Full spectrum of ceramic supplies: clays, kilns, wheels, equipment, stools, books, decals, stamps, tools, extruders, glaze and bisque.

Chinese Clayart, San Jose CA 

Founded in 2001, Chinese Clay Art, USA is a ceramic art supplies store that offers patented texture mats and newly invented clay tools, Chinese traditional and hand-made items and brushes and ceramic art books. Most of their products are imported direct from China.  In 1998, Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA a California based organization, which promotes exchanges between East and West for ceramic art communities, was founded. It organizes visits of Chinese ceramic artists to the US including participating in NCECA conferences. In September 1999, Chinese Clayart opens ClayGround, a ceramic art classroom and studio.

Coyote Clay & Color, Albuquerque NM

Coyote offers an array of glazes and underglazes.

Diamond Core Tools, El Cajon, CA

Diamond Core creates and manufactures innovative high quality tools for ceramic artists, and for glass, tile, wax, stone and a host of other materials that are difficult to work with. They aim to provide tools that will allow artists to do things that could not be done before and their objective is to make it so that the difficult work can be done faster and easier to allow artists more time to focus on creativity and productivity. Diamond's tools are designed to be ergonomic and minimize fatigue and muscle strain.

Dick Blick Art Materials, Highland Park, IL

Blick Art Materials, a third generation family owned company, is the largest and oldest provider of art supplies in the United States. They offer over 90,000 art-related supplies. They offer a range of ceramic supplies, which can be found in their online or mail catalog.  They offer free shipping of orders and discounts on orders of a certain size. They also have brick and mortar stores around the country, one of which is at 6300 West Charleston Blvd., Suite 130, Las Vegas, NV 89146. This store offer a limited selection of ceramic supplies, primarily Amaco underglazes and their top selling low-fire and mid-range glazes, and some tools.

Dirty Girls Pottery Tools, Lexington KY

Dirty Girls Pottery Tools bills themselves is a line of simple, does-what-you-need-it-to-do products and promotes their tools as having attitude.  

Dogwood Ceramics, Gulfport MS 

Dogwood Ceramic Supply offers complete source of ceramic and pottery equipment and supplies.  As one of the largest pottery and ceramics distributors in North America, Dogwood Ceramic Supply represents leading manufacturers.   

Georgies Ceramic and Clay Co., Portland OR 

Georgies serves 3-D & clay artists in the Pacific Northwest and beyond since 1965. They have their own line of Cone 6 glazes.

GR Pottery Forms, Grand Rapids, MI

GR Pottery Forms are wood drape molds designed to be the inner portion of dinnerware and serving platters. A rim and a foot can easily be added to create the rest of the piece making it versatile and functional. They are durable and economical.  Easy to use over and over as a tool to create personalized shallow objects. Most of the sizes are cut to line up and stack effectively creating another use as a deeper form.

Highwater Clays, Asheville NC

Surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, Highwater has been blending the earth’s clays for 30 years and offers a full line of ceramic supplies and products.

Japan Pottery Tools, San Francisco CA

Japan Pottery Tools offers authentic Japanese pottery tools imported from Japan.

Kentucky Mudworks, Lexington KY

Kentucky Mudworks is a full service ceramic supplier that began in 2001 as a beginner pottery studio and basic ceramic supply shop. It has grown to offer classes, workshops, and supplies for all interests and levels of proficiency.  They offer clay, glaze, raw materials, tools, equipment, and advice. Over the years they have built a robust community of ceramic artists, enthusiasts, and businesses. Their Lexington shop is home to Dirty Girls Pottery Tools: a line of all-business tools for the clay artist and their Louisville site, by contrast, shares space with Mantle: a contemporary art gallery with an emphasis on ceramics and design. 

Laguna Clay, City of Industry CA

Started in 1976, Laguna Clay offers a spectrum of clays, glazes, equipment and supplies with extensive and specialized research and expertise in clay and glaze research and development.


Mayco offers over 400 glazes in the low and mid range as well as 300 earthenware and stoneware bisque forms, and surface design tools such as brushes, silkscreens, stencils, stamps, texture mats, potter tools, molds and more. They focus on educating, inspiring, and motivating ceramic artists and students. Their Education section fosters understanding of how to use Mayco products and have their own Mayco Video Channel demonstrates using their products. Check out their Project section with its detail, step-by-step instruction offers inspiration and instruction. Mayco reaches out to ceramic arts in four Online Communities that all offer a collection of articles, a Facebook page, and a newsletter.  The Mud Room, offers information on clay artists, techniques, and products with the focus on Mid-range (5/6) artists.  The Ceramic Workshop  presents ideas to inspire creativity and personal expression when  decorating and designing on ceramic bisque and greenware. ArtLink, a great resource for Art Educators, aims to inspire through  lesson plans, classroom projects, fundraising ideas, workshop opportunities and new products as well as health and safety information. Mayco Creative Studios, designed for Paint Your Own Pottery studios (PYOP), provides retail education, identifies trends and projects designed increase sales.

MKM Pottery Tools, LLC Appleton, Wi

MKM Pottery Tools was established in 2003 by Rick McKinney.  Known for its Decorating Disk, they offer a wide variety of wooden throwing tools, stamps, rollers, and fonts.

Sheffield Pottery, Sheffield, MA

Sheffield offers expansive complement of ceramic supplies: clays, glaze, tools, kilns, wheels, equipment, stamps, mason stains, slab mats, textures mats, brushes, slab rollers, pugmills, and much more. Check website for discounts on tools and sometimes glazes as well as free shipping.

Sowell LLC (www.4clay.com) Whitewater, WI

Known as www.4clay.com makes custom stamps and rollers for marking clay to be used to decorate the clay surface or as a maker's mark (chop) to identify your work.   They specialize in custom clay stamps for professional potters, using artwork or logos you create or your customer requests and have a full line stock stamps.

The Ceramic Shop, Norristown, PA

The Ceramic Shop started out as a manufacturing house for Hydro-Bat and an online supply store, evolving into one of the largest Ceramic Supply companies on the East Coast. They have a huge selection of supplies in their showroom and over 15,000 items online.They stock top brand names such as Amaco, Skutt, Shimpo, L&L, Kemper, Spectrum, Speedball, Laguna, Olympic and Paragon with an assortment of high and low-fire clay bodies, dry materials and chemicals, and more.

Xiem Tools USA, Garden Grove CA

Xiem is committed to developing the highest quality tools, competitively priced, and with the best service possible.