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Art & Artists

Highlights well-known and emerging Ceramic Artists as well as topics such art conceptualization, theory & philosophy and artistic expression.

Writing for the Visual Arts by Mashey Bernstein & George Yatchisin (Prentice Hall), a short and accessible book that covers the basics of how to write about your art, resumes, press releases etc.

A Short Guide to Writing About Art by Sylvan Barnet (Pearson/Prentice Hall), more in-depth coverage of various kinds and styles of writing including manuscripts, research papers. Good to have.

The Practical Guide for the Emerging Artist by Margaret Lazzari (Harcourt College Publishers) is not inexpensive, but well worth the investment, full of very helpful information on how to function effectively as an artist. It includes helpful sections on various kinds of writing.

Art Terms Three-Dimensional Design and Sculpture Vocabulary.

Emerging Ceramic Artists

Clay & Slip

The Stages of Clay From Dry Raw Materials to Glazed-Fired Wares.

3 stages of shrinkge.jpg

Choosing Clay Body Type

Vitrification Testing How to test your piece to see If It completely vitrified.

Clay Shrinkage Calculator Allows you to calculate how large your pottery piece should be based on how much your clay shrinks as it dries and is bisque and glaze fired.

Clay Shrink Tester Calculator Calculate how much your clay body shrinks from when you build the pottery until after it is glazed. 

Successful Tips for Buying and Using Pottery Clay How to Select, Process, and Test Clay Bodies for Better Results.

Making Slip

How Much Clay Do I Need? Weights of Clay Needed For Ware Sizes Chart.

Ceramic Raw Materials Learn the fundamentals of clay and glaze materials.

The Black Art of Drying Ceramics Without Cracks

Collections & Collecting

Firing & Kilns

Cost of Firing Electric Kiln Calculator Calculate how much it costs to run an electric kiln based on the kiln's Kilowatt (KW) rating, firing time, and the electric rate.

Low-fire Introduction by Ceramics Arts Daily.

A Guide to Ceramic Kilns Helpful tips for choosing the right kiln firing method.

Gas Kiln Firing

Techniques & Tips for Electric Kilns Inspiration, Instructions and Recipes.

Wood Kiln Firing Techniques and Tips Plans and Instructions for Making a Wood-fired Kiln and Firing with Wood.

Kiln Cone Temperature Calculator Calculate kiln cone temperature for cone 022 to cone 10, based on the kiln's heating rate.

Salt & Soda Firing & Techniques

Successful Tips & Techniques for Raku Firing

Glazes & Glazing

Hyperglaze HyperGlaze X(tm) is easy-to-use glaze software designed for artists who use ceramic materials, it can be used as a database to store clay and glaze recipes and to list raw materials and their analyses. It also has many powerful tools for glaze calculation.

Glaze Teach Glaze Teach is a self-paced, instructional online course that help you to come to grips with the basic principles of ceramic glaze technology.

IS IT FOOD SAFE? Food safe, though bantered around, is not a defined term and the cause of much comment on the Internet.  In this article, John Britt address the issue.

Understanding Glazes by Matthew Katz

Mason Stain Reference Guide

Applying Glazes Brushing, sponging, dipping and pouring.

Tried and True Cone 6 Glazes Recipes Recipes and testing mid-range glazes.

Brushing on Glazes

Getting the Most Out of Ceramic Glazes and Underglazes Using Commercial Ceramic Glazes and Underglazes to Achieve Color, Depth, and Complexity.

How to Add Color to Your Ceramic Art A Guide to Using Ceramic Colorants, Ceramic Stains, and Ceramic Oxides.

Five Great Ceramic Glazing Techniques From Crystals to Majolica, A Guide to Creating Beautiful Glaze Surfaces.


Marketing & Selling

Mold Making & Slip-Casting

Mold Making Techniques Tips for Making Plaster, Bisque, and Styrofoam Molds, Making and Using Casting Slip, and Decorating Ceramic Surfaces.

Parts & Forms

Covered Jars Thrown, Altered, Handbuilt. 

Designing Lids for Covered Vessels Types of Lids and Galleries.'

Things Potters Make Comprehensive List of Items Potters Make.

Spout Mechanics Ivor Lewis' Pouring to Perfection.

Spouts and Handles Diagram for Making Spouts and Handles that Work.

Making a Handbuilt Spout


Contemporary Clay Sculpture Modern Ceramic Sculpture as Narrative, Object, and Decor.

Studio & Safety

Whether setting up a personal studio in your own home or starting a ceramic studio business, the leap is daunting and filled with a multitude of decisions. What form will the studio take? How much space? What can I afford? How do leases and zoning work? One of the key aspects of setting up a studio, whether personal or public are the issues of health and safety.

Health & Safety

A.C.T.S. (Arts, Crafts & Theater Safety)

ACTS is a great place to start when researching studio health and safety. It is a not-for-profit corporation that provides health, safety, industrial hygiene, technical services, and safety publications to the arts, crafts, museums, and theater communities. Recognizing that artists are among the least affluent groups, they use a portion of their consulting services fees support our free and low-cost services for artists. They gratefully accept donations but do not solicit them from the artists need help and advice. 181 Thompson Street, #23, New York, NY 10012-2586, Telephone: (212) 777-0062

surface decoration & Texture

The interest in surface decoration has grown significantly in recent years. Techniques included here include: stamping, texturing, slip trailing and decoration, mishima, sguafitto, 

Stages in Surface Design Development & Manipulation of ceramic surfaces at various stages.

Surface Design The Narrative Content of Surface - Some Things to Consider.
Ceramic Decorating Tool Techniques  Decorating Pottery with Wax Resist, Slip Trailers, Clay Stamps, Carving Tools and More

Latex Resist as a surface tool.

Burnishing A Step-by-Step Guide.

Surface Texture Tools Use, Ideas and Tricks Using The Pottery Wheel

Five Great Pottery Decorating Techniques A How-to Guide for Decorating Ceramic Surfaces.

Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Ceramic Skills Inventory Take an inventory of your knowledge and skills.

Printable Clay Shrinkage Ruler

Making Clay Tools

How to Make Darts

Throwing & Wheels

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