Nevada Clay Guild Presents: Hands on Raku Firing 

Date: Saturday, November 2nd 2019 

Time: 10:00 am – pending # of attendees & amount of firing 

Maximum attendees: 25 

Cost: $10.00/NCG Member, $25.00/Non NCG member but that can go towards joining the NCG $35.00 annual NCG membership. 

Location: At the home of Bill Burris and Adelaide De Mendonca, located near Lake Mead. You will be given the address when you register

RSVP: No later than October 19, 2019.  Pay $10 for your spot at 

Raku Techniques

Examples of some of the glazes provided are in the photos. If you have any of your own raku glazes, bring them along, or glaze your piece in advance. The third photo shows feathers and horse hair. If you are interested in horsehair let Bill know ASAP. If you have any horse hair or feathers, bring them along.  Future raku firings can be arranged based on interest. 

If you have technical questions, contact Bill Burris at, H 702.476.1973, or C 760-586-8910.

Items provided:

• NCG to provide lunch and water.  Please bring your own beverage, if desired.

• Various glazes

• 3lb bisque vases for raku, such as in the photo below, will be available for $15 each, for purchase directly through Bill Burris.     

Items to bring to this workshop

• Bisque projects max. height 8”, no more than 3 pieces per person. If larger items to be fired, coordination with Bill is required prior to workshop. 

For your bisque pots, use cone 5 or 10 clay bodies that have a high grog content.  These clays tend to withstand thermal shock more so than others. Suggested clay types are:  

• Raku clay 

• Vegas Buff Grog (not smooth)

• B Mix with grog

• Soldate 60 

• Bring Lawn or folding chairs, any special dietary needs and your prefered drinks (water will be provided)

• Raku tools if available, including reduction bucket. 

• Raku glazes if you have any available