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Whether you're a skilled artist, a beginner, or simply a connoisseur of the craft, leading online reference centers, websites, and social media provide inspiration, support, materials, and techniques - not to mention some great pictures and videos. These resources can help you hone your pottery skills while also providing valuable information and/or provide an outlet to buy that perfect tool, glaze, clay or equipment.


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Explore leading clay reference sites offered by major ceramic educational and other organizations. Connect with clay-related Facebook pages that offer advice, critique, information, and help. Review Artist Sites that offer something more and other Specialty Sites worth checking out.

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Looking for a specific topic, how to execute a precise skill, learning the limitations of a certain technique, the features of a certain clay or glaze, firing guidelines and much more.


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Want to check the most popular and useful Facebook pages related to clay. Each offers a great way to connect with other ceramic artists around the country and world with similar interests, share experiences, trials and errors, tips and tricks, and results.


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